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SRS now has a large selection of GUITAR STRINGS, PICKS, STRAPS, and CORDS available for the hard-working musician- pick some guitar strings up with your Premium Precision Matched Vacuum TUBES today, and save yourself a trip to the music store! SRS stocks virtually ANY of the electronic parts you need for tube amplifiers!


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Welcome to the SRS Webstore, the musicians friend and audiophiles dream. Here you will find anything and everything you need to build, rebuild, repair, or upgrade tube amplifiers and musical equipment. SRS stocks only the highest quality electronic parts for both musical instrument and high fidelity tube amplifiers, and builds only the finest quality equipment for the professional musician and audiophile! Our Premium Precision Matched Vacuum Tubes are the finest quality and tightest matching sets you will find on the planet! Does you old tube amplifier sound tired? Our premium vacuum tubes will breathe new life into your old workhorse! We are authorized dealers for ALL currently produced vacuum tubes, and purchase our stocks directly from the manufacturer, ensuring the ultimate in quality! We have a huge stock of electronic parts, matched vacuum tubes, amp cabinet hardware and other assorted electronic components on hand- if you don't see it, ask for it- there's a good chance it's on the shelf!



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